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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He edits, he schedules and in a snow storm...he writes!

Since we haven't officially shown the boss how to log onto the blog, make an entry and do some of the fun stuff yet, I'm posting to give our fearless leader, Brien Bouyea, credit for getting out a breaking story about Saratoga Springs standout Jordan Stevens being named to the McDonald's All-American team.

We knew the snow was coming and I bailed on the day's work, getting my weekly duties done late last night and very early this morning with my compadre, Sam Hollingsworth.

The boss was in the loop about Steven's being named to the squad, but we thought we had time before word got out.

Oh well, a snowstorm and a media blast to the world took care of that.

Brien jumped on it, provided a lot of insight about the past area names that played in the prestigious contest as only a local hoops junkie could.

Here is a link to Brien's story.

All in a days work for the boss, a breaking story, a couple pages to publish with an early deadline and hopefully a safe ride home.

- Stan Hudy



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