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Sunday, October 10, 2010


In honor of today's date, let us celebrate some of the best 10s in sports...why not 10 of them?

10. Scooter- Shortstop Phil Rizzuto wore #10 as a member of the New York Yankees from 1941 through 1956 before his 40 year run as the Yankees radio and television announcer. Bonus 10: During his tenure as a Yankee, the Bombers won 10 AL titles. Holy cow!

9. Strikers- Take a look around the world of soccer. All those big-named goal scorers all have something in common. They all wear the number 10. Messi, Totti, Rooney... the list goes on and on.

8. John Wooden- The coaching legend was born in 1910 and passed this summer (2010) at the age of 99. He is one of only 3 men to be inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach. Bonus 10: Wooden won 10 NCAA championships in 12 seasons between 1962 and 1975.

7. Super Bowl- Sure we are approaching Super Bowl XLV and the media juggernaut that comes with it, but lets look back at a more humble time, 1976, to Super Bowl X. The favored Steelers took care of business, beating the Dallas Cowboys, 21-17. Lynn Swan made a diving end zone catch in the second quarter en route to his MVP award for the game. It would be the second of the Steelers' six Super Bowls.

6. World Series- So long as we are looking back at championships, how about the 1910 World Series. The Chicago Cubs represented the NL and the AL featured the Philadelphia Athletics. (weird, right?) Connie Mack's Athletics took the first three games and eventually the series in Game 5.

5. Bowling- Bowling is rife with 10s. 10 pins. 10 frames. 10 calories burned per game. (citation needed)

4. Cigar- The racing legend won the Breeders' Cup Classic while wearing the number 10 in 1995, finishing in 1:59.58. Bonus 10: Rock Hard 10, winner of the Swaps Stakes and Malibu Stakes in 2004, and winner of Charles H. Strub Stakes, Santa Anita Handicap and Goodwood Breeders' Cup Handicap in 2005.

3. Wrestlemania- The 10th annual Wrestlemania was showcased in 1994 at Madison Square Garden, and saw the WWF Championship defended twice by Yokozuna. Lex Luger was desqualified in the first match, but Bret Hart succeeded in pinning Yokozuna in the feature match to claim the title.

2. The 10th man- If you are a baseball fan, that's you. So long as you are at the park, cheer the home team, stand up late when the closer has two strikes and reach a new level of cheering and excitement when the team needs it, the 10th man can become a recharged battery that the team can feed off.

1. October- Yeah, it's the first 10 in our 10-10-10 and it is awesome for sports. Every major professional sport is active. Baseball is in its playoffs. College football and the NFL are well underway. Hockey and basketball have begun. NASCAR is in the chase. MLS and EPL are going strong. The Ryder Cup was held in October for the first time since 1983. October is an amazing sports month, and one of the best 10s you can find.


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