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Monday, May 2, 2011

Athletes react to Osama bin Laden's death

Following the death of Osama bin Laden, athletes took to Twitter to take part in the relief of the overwhelming weight that had pressed upon the nation:

Darrelle Revis
Osama Bin Laden is dead!!! its been 10yrs since 9/11. Rejoice!!!

LeBron James
!! Obama words are earth moving and inspiring.

Nick Mangold
As an adopted New Yorker, I couldn't be more proud of the men and women of our country's military for getting the job done.

Jon Heyman
A great day in history. Terrific job by intelligence, military, president. Good night all.

Michael Wilbon
Just getting into terminal areas w TV screens...folks getting off flights from all over to crowd around TVs and hear Bin Laden news...

Ozzie Guillen
to all the troops you guys are my heros

Jon Lester
Job well done to our troops

Torii Hunter
Great day for the US. Don't forget about those who fell from his devilish acts. Be blessed and all Goodnight.

Logan Morrison
Osama Bin Laden dead? Waiting anxiously for this Presidential announcement...

Zach Duke
I am jealous. The SEALS are Legit! “@: I get to meet some navy seals tomorrow AWESOME!!!”

Drew Brees
by Maholm28
God Bless America

Joel Hanrahan
What a day for the US!!! I always love listening to the national anthem, but tomorrow is going to be that much sweeter!!

Jensen Lewis
You'll always remember where you were on 9/11 .. Now you'll always remember where you were on 5/1 ..

Brian Dawkins
Before yall go to sleep, please lift up some prayers to the Lord for our Troops and Nation for coverage. To retort any retaliation!! AMEN!!!

Jeremy Shockey
Osama Bin Laden Dead

Roddy White
I'm mad that they found him in a mansion though he was just chilling I'm happy he is dead caused our country a lot of pain

Darren Sharper
Bin laden, bin gone!!!


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