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Friday, July 23, 2010

Stathead Matt's Picks for 7/23/2010

Today is opening day at the Saratoga Race Track, and I am proud to bring you my first picks of the season. Each horse is run through a formula designed to rank it against its peers in each race. I will give you the top four horses as they are ranked. The goal is to hit the trifecta in each race, so the fourth horse is listed in case one scratches. At the end I'll give my lock of the day and the long shot pick of the day. Good luck!

Race 1
1) Seattle Mission
2) Steal the Shot
3) Leatherhead
4) Mr. Enrico

Race 2
1) Home Rule
2) Holy Place
3) Simply Carina
4) Remark

Race 3
1) Mad For Smarty
2) Bank Merger
3) Bimini
4) Footcandles

Race 4
1) Chef Eric
2) Cozy Lion
3) Morethan Fourhours
4) Sharif Al Medina

Race 5
1) Roderick
2) Whateverittakes
3) City Train
4) Good to Be Me

Race 6
1) Unaccountable
2) African Diamond
3) Stealth Missle
4) Miner Bird

Race 7
1) With the Current
2) Playing Pirates
3) Heavenly Pride
4) Malibu Cougar

Race 8
1) Vinyard Haven
2) Cool Coal Man
3) Discrete Treasure
4) You and I Forever

Race 9
1) Final Mesa
2) Let's Get Fiscal
3) Dos Lunas
4) Show Me the Bling

Race 10
1) Unbridled Fury
2) Adams Circle
3) Hillswitch
4) In Just We Trust

Lock of the Day: Seattle Mission, Race 1
Long Shot Pick of the Day: Unbridled Fury, Race 10
Advice of the day: It is expected to rain at some point tomorrow, and if it does, don't be afraid to bet the longer shots.

Best of luck at the track today. We'll see you tomorrow.

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