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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stathead Matt's Week 6 NFL picks

I have got to make it quick today. Hopefully these meat and potatoes picks will lift me back up from last week's debauchery.

Also, Cowboys-Vikings. This is the closest we will get as a modern civilization to a gladiatorial bout. The loser is dead and the winner is severely injured but pleased to still be alive. Wade Philips is even living the All-Star fight scene from Gladiator, with Russell Crow holding a sword over his head and the Emperor giving the thumbs up for a split second just before bringing the fans to cheers by turning it down. If Wade Phillips loses this game and is still on the sidelines the following Sunday, then the Dallas/Fort Worth search and rescue team will have to divert all its efforts to finding the real Jerry Jones.

Last week - 6 of 14
Overall - 41 of 76

My pick in bold.

(2-2) Seattle Seahawks at
(4-1) Chicago Bears -6.5

(4-1) Baltimore Ravens at
(3-1) New England Patriots -2.5

(1-4) Detroit Lions at
(3-2) New York Giants -10.5

(4-1) Atlanta Falcons at
(3-2) Philadelphia Eagles -1.5

(1-4) Cleveland Browns at
(3-1) Pittsburgh Steelers -13.5

(2-2) Miami Dolphins at
(3-2) Green Bay Packers -1.5

(2-3) San Diego Chargers at
(2-3) St. Louis Rams +8.5

(3-2) New Orleans Saints at
(3-1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5.5

(3-1) Kansas City Chiefs at
(3-2) Houston Texans -4.5

(2-3) Oakland Raiders at
(0-5) San Francisco 49ers -6.5

(4-1) New York Jets at
(2-3) Denver Broncos +3.5

(1-3) Dallas Cowboys at
(1-3) Minnesota Vikings -1.5

(3-2) Indianapolis Colts at
(3-2) Washington Redskins +3.5

(3-2) Tennessee Titans at
(3-2) Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5

Did I really just pick that many road teams? Yes. Yes I did.


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