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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stathead Matt's Week 11 picks

Week 10 shall henceforth be known as Week Dumpty. We do not even need the Humpty part. It was that bad. The Thursday game was a miss and I went 0-fer on the 1 p.m. games, causing me to feel a combination of humility and angst that is usually reserved only for those dentist visits where you must admit you don't floss twice a day and cannot wait to leave the shame in that office.

At least it is only one week of picks, and I have not underperformed as much as the Houston Rockets, Dallas Cowboys or Hartford Colonials. (Have you watched any UFL by the way? The regular season finale is this week. It may be your last chance to see Josh McDaniels play lose my team another close one.)

Last Week: 3 - 14
This Week: 0 - 1
Overall: 68 - 134

(1-8) Buffalo Bills at
(2-7) Cincinnati Bengals -5.5

(2-7) Detroit Lions at
(2-7) Dallas Cowboys -6.5

(6-3) Baltimore Ravens at
(1-8) Carolina Panthers +10.5

(3-6) Cleveland Browns at
(5-4) Jacksonville Jaguars -1.5

(5-4) Oakland Raiders at
(6-3) Pittsburgh Steelers -7.5

(4-5) Washington Redskins at
(5-4) Tennessee Titans -7.5

(3-6) Arizona Cardinals at
(5-4) Kansas City Chiefs -7.5

(6-3) Green Bay Packers at
(3-6) Minnesota Vikings +3.5

(4-5) Houston Texans at
(7-2) New York Jets -6.5

(7-2) Atlanta Falcons at
(4-5) St. Louis Rams +3.5

(6-3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at
(3-6) San Francisco 49ers -3.5

(5-4) Seattle Seahawks at
(6-3) New Orleans Saints -11.5

(6-3) Indianapolis Colts at
(7-2) New England Patriots -3.5

(6-3) New York Giants at
(6-3) Philadelphia Eagles -3.5

(3-6) Denver Broncos at
(4-5) San Diego Chargers -9.5


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