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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stathead Matt's Week 12 NFL Quick Picks

For the rest of the season, (and what would have been the smart thing to do starting a few weeks ago) I will be making my Thursday picks via twitter. I went 2-for-3 on Thanksgiving, but how to prove it? You can get them by following @mvdonato27.

And now, on account of a trip to CT that I am already supposed to have departed for, here are my Week 12 Quick picks.

(7-3) Green Bay Packers at
(8-2) Atlanta Falcons -2.5
Someone has to distinguish themselves and break away in the NFC South. I say it will be the Falcons.

(7-3) Pittsburgh Steelers at
(2-8) Buffalo Bills +6.5
How many weeks in a row have I picked the Bills now? They have actually done well against the spread on account of all their close losses. Plus, there is nice trap game potential for Pittsburgh.

(1-9) Carolina Panthers at
(3-7) Cleveland Browns -10.5
Jake Delhomme makes it up to Panthers fans by giving back one win for so many he took away in the last few seasons.

(6-4) Jacksonville Jaguars at
(6-4) New York Giants -7.5
The Giants are beat up and the Jaguars are hot right now. All things point to the Jaguars. Wasn't this New York squad called the best in the NFC by experts a two weeks ago? I'm going with the Giants because the rest of their schedule is divisional battles, and they need it more heading into that gauntlet.

(3-7) Minnesota Vikings at
(5-5) Washington Redskins -2.5
Down goes Frazier.

(5-5) Tennessee Titans at
(4-6) Houston Texans -6.5
The Titans were my preseason pick as AFC champions. Championship teams are more than just a quarterback...I hope. Let's find out this week.

(6-4) Kansas City Chiefs at
(5-5) Seattle Seahawks +1.5
The Chiefs are 0-4 on the road, but the Seahawks are overachieving just by being at .500. Today will even things out ever so slightly.

(5-5) Miami Dolphins at
(5-5) Oakland Raiders -3.5
The Dolphins have all but disappeared from my playoff radar, and it looks like they will start Thigpen. IThe better chances lay in Oakland finding their schwerve from before their bye two weeks ago.

(7-3) Philadelphia Eagles at
(7-3) Chicago Bears +3.5
(7-3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at
(7-3) Baltimore Ravens -7.5
Did you see the article in today's (Sunday's) Saratogian saying that nobody believes in Tampa Bay or Chicago despite their (7-3) records? They both have difficult challenges against (7-3) conference foes. I believe one of them will emerge and quiet the skeptics this week. That will be the Bears, at home against Philly. You heard it here first.

(4-6) St. Louis Rams at
(3-7) Denver Broncos -3.5
Bradford has played well enough to get people to notice, but has yet to have a real standout performance that defines his successful rookie campaign. He gets it here. My prediction is 350 yards and 3 TDs against a defense that has given up tied for the 4th-most passing TDs and only have six interceptions on the year.

(5-5) San Diego Chargers at
(6-4) Indianapolis Colts -3.5
If Gates plays, and I think he will. The Chargers will have the offense to take this game, fueling both Chargers comeback talks and "What's wrong with Peyton?" talks. Should be fun.

(3-7) San Francisco 49ers at
(3-7) Arizona Cardinals +1.5
I will not feel bad about missing this Monday Night snoozer. And neither should you. I hope your Thanksgiving went well. Good luck this week.

Last Week: 9-for-16
Overall: 77-for-150


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